BTM Mobililty

Break Through Your Mold - Carlos Cordova

BTM Mobility

Break Through Movements is your transition class that makes you reconnect with whom you really are from the inside out. BTM's variety of movement will excite your mind, body, and sensors. Class will journey across the floor-up/down and all around preparing you for just about any situation life throws at you. This training uses multiple disciplines such as yoga, animal flow, calisthenics, gymnastics, dance and much much more. Entering class with an open mind will be all the pre-requisites needed (open for all ages). Protective clothing such as long pants and t-shirt or yoga/under armour type clothing is advised. "Break Through your Mold" -Carlos Córdova

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5 reasons to take BTM

Full body workout

  • Flosses the joints -giving lubrication and movement
  • Meet your fitness goals.
  • Practitioner learns locomotive patterns in preparation for any physically demanding event
  • Learn how to active muscles that get shut down due to sitting in dialysis routines
  • Because this is something you learn/take with you everywhere and anywhere (to be human, is to move)